Brian Nissen - An Early Work
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Brian Nissen - An Early Work Brian Nissen - An Early Work

Brian Nissen - An Early Work


Gouache 26" x 20" - An early work

The Anglo-Mexican artist Brian Nissen studied at the School of Graphic Arts in London and at the School of Fine Arts In Paris. In1963 he travelled to Mexico where he lived and worked throughout the following 17 years.

 In Mexico he became strongly influenced by his encounters with the pre-Columbian cultures.The development of three dimensional forms in his canvases lead him to start working in sculpture. In the 1970's he exhibited in the Museum of Art in Mexico,The Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires and the Whitechapel Gallery in London.

In 1979 Nissen Moved to New York where he set up a studio and began working. In 1980 he was granted the Guggenheim scholarship. In the mid 1980's he settled on sculpturing in bronze, but continued to work in relief prints and collage.

His reputation in Catalonia in the 1970's, for exhibiting in numerous galleries and organisations, lead him to be invited by Catalonia's Cultural Counsellor to participate in the opening ceremony that celebrated the 500th anniversary of America's discovery.

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